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Smart AVI Wants To Help You Take Control Of Your Digital Signage Needs

Let’s face it. Today’s business world is so much more competitive than it was just twenty years ago. Companies of today have to find new and more innovative ways to stand out from the competition or risk being left behind. And nowhere else is this trend more prevalent than in the fast paced marketing world. Being able to bring life your products and services above the fray is the only way to ensure that your audience is seeing them so that they can purchase them. However, finding the creativity to do this is becoming harder and harder to do, but is absolutely vital to any business model.

The good news is that there is one solution that can help you rise above the fray and get your products and services noticed. Smart AVI is the leading provider of high quality AVI solutions designed to help you elevate your marketing strategy. They can help you get your message out to a greater number of potential customers across the globe.

Technology has become increasingly important in overall marketing strategies for businesses in all industries. And, in order to accommodate the ever changing marketing needs of companies all over the world, Smart AVI introduces the SignageLite: The Smallest Digital Signage Player in The Market.

The SignageLite from Smart AVI allows you to easily create, manage, and schedule advertising content as well as restaurant menus and special promotions via the easy to use WI-FI player. The SignageLite can accommodate true 1080p video display to ensure that your promotions are being seen in the crispest, clearest resolution possible. And each image is reproduced in high resolution, high quality dazzling images that are vibrant in color to increase visual appeal.

What’s even better is that you can manage multiple locations from one place. This functionality allows you to save time and money as well as ensures that all of your locations are communicating the same, uniform message to your customers, no matter which store they are in. And, they are small enough to fit into any location without the worry of losing valuable space in tight offices and storefronts. Cord clutter is reduced, keeping your overall décor design intact. And the easy to use interface makes setting up and scheduling promotions and advertising campaigns foolproof.

So, if you are ready to take your marketing to a whole new level, consider installing the most effective digital marketing device on the market today: the SignageLite by Smart AVI. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable effective marketing can be.

For more information regarding the benefits of the Smart AVI SignageLite or to place your order for the best digital marketing machine on the market, please visit

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EZWall-Pro: Highly Flexible Video Wall Hardware Solution

EZWall-ProIntroducing the EZWall-Pro from SmartAVI – a highly flexible, multi-format video wall processor with a variety of supported inputs and unique display configurations. This user-friendly video wall controller supports inputs like HDMI, VGA, S-Video, Composite and Y/Pb/Pr, along with a built-in USB media player. With four single-link DVI outputs, the EZWall-Pro displays any input source at its highest resolution.

The control functions on the EZWall-Pro provide users with the flexibility to get the most out of their content and their screens. While many users will employ this unit for its “Wall Mode” (one image stretched across the four screens), others will find the alternate layout options to be a better fit for their needs. Users can manage these options in real time with the device’s intuitive On Screen Display (OSD) and front panel switches. Controlling the unit remotely via Ethernet, RS-232 and IR is supported, as well.
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The New MXWall – Integrated Matrix, Video Wall and Digital Signage!

SmartAVI MXWall Video Wall Matrix Digital SignageThe SmartAVI team is proud to announce our latest product development, the MXWall – an HDMI matrix that fully integrates the power and control of a video wall processor and a digital signage controller all in a single device. With expandable configurations up to 32 HDMI inputs and 32 HDMI outputs, this new product delivers the highest level of video content management that has ever been put in one device.

With a drag-and-drop GUI and no additional software or drivers required, users can easily manage exactly where their content goes with the MXWall. In real time, users can create a multi-screen display of any of the 32 inputs in any section of the 32 screens. Users can route multiple 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 configurations of various sources, or stretch a single image across all 32 screens with just a few clicks of the mouse. With an integrated digital signage player and a local hard drive, there’s virtually no limit to what this device can do!

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New 4K Ultra HD Digital Signage and Video Walls!

4K Digital Signage and Video Walls by SmartAVI4K Ultra HD delivers the ultimate in high definition video resolution, and SmartAVI is proud to announce our new line of 4K Ultra HD devices for digital signage, video walls and matrix switching. With four times the resolution of normal 1080p HD video, consumers are blown away by the stunning quality of 4K. SmartAVI offers the hardware and software solutions to get the most out of 4K screens and content for digital signage, video walls and more. Here’s a look at our new 4K Ultra HD products:

  • SignWall-4K – highly customizable 4K content controller that manages digital signage and video wall functions for incredible flexibility.
  • Signage4K – dedicated 4K digital signage player that makes it easy to manage 4K Ultra HD video, images, HTML 5 widgets and more on the fly.

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New 4K HDMI Matrix with Remote Control

4K Matrix: HDMI 4X2-ProOne of the biggest issues with all the new 4K technology that’s coming on the market today is how users are going to properly distribute that 4K content to their incredible high-resolution 4K Ultra HD screens. At SmartAVI, we are continuing to develop our line of 4K/2K products so that systems architects and end users can get the most out of this exciting technology.

For example, SmartAVI released the HDR 4×2-Pro this month, a 4K-ready HDMI switch with four outputs and two inputs. This new box makes it easy to switch the four 4K input sources to any of the connected 4K screens. In addition to Ultra HD, this new device also can handle regular HD sources in 108op. Continue reading

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New Switches From SmartAVI

New Plug-and-Play Switches by SmartAVISmartAVI is continually innovating to deliver the latest in professional A/V solutions at low prices. Today, we’re pleased to announce two new and aggressively-priced products: the HDR 4×2-Pro, an HDMI matrix switch with support for stunning 4K/2K resolution, and the SKM-04, a 4-port KM (keyboard and mouse) switch.

These new plug-and-play switches are easy to implement, and they require no additional computers or software. These products make it easy to manage a wide variety of functions. See below for the features and pricing of each device. Continue reading


New 4K/2K Products from SmartAVI at InfoComm 2014

 SmartAVI is proud to announce that we’ll be at InfoComm 2014! This important trade show highlights all the latest developments in our industry, and we are excited to be sharing our newest products as well.

The focus of this year’s InfoComm, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 18th through the 20th, is digital signage. As our clients and industry professionals know, SmartAVI is a leading manufacturer of digital signage controllers, players and processors. In addition to items like video walls, video matrix routers, KVM switches and more, we’ve developed a number of user-friendly and aggressively priced digital signage devices. From basic entry level products to massive installations, SmartAVI is a renowned and trusted source of quality professional A/V products. Continue reading