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New 4×4 HDMI Matrix with 325 ft of Signal Extension

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HDR-4x4-ProThe updated HDR-4×4-Pro by SmartAVI is the ideal solution to manage and distribute four HDMI sources to four HDMI displays with up to 325 feet of signal extension. With the HLX-500-RX receiver at each end point connected to the matrix by inexpensive Cat5e/6 cables, users can extend HDMI signals with 1080p resolution up to 325 feet. This reliable extension capability breaks the distance barriers that restrict HDMI cables.

The HDR-4×4-Pro offers flexibility and convenience in signal management, including a local HDMI output and control via the front panel switches, infrared and RS-232. This new device is overhauling the old challenges of HDMI matrix routers, and it’s easy to install and operate.


  • Distribute Any of the Four Inputs to Any of the Four HDMI Output Displays
  • Local HDMI Output
  • Up to 325 feet of Extension over Cat5e/6
  • Resolutions up to 1080p
  • EDID Learning Mode
  • Supports RS-232 and Infrared Control
  • HDCP and HDMI 1.3 Compliant

Click here to learn more about the HDR-4×4-Pro!

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