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New Multi-Platform Presentation Switcher from SmartAVI Delivers the Ultimate in A/V Connectivity

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SPS-1000 Smart Presentation SwitcherFrom the boardroom to the classroom, giving a presentation that involves video and audio requires easy connectivity to a wide variety of A/V hardware. The new SPS-1000 Smart Presentation Switcher from SmartAVI delivers eight input ports and gives users a variety of ways to connect to an HD display. With HDMI, VGA, DVI and RCA ports, users can quickly connect and switch between eight sources at once, from PCs to mobile devices, and virtually everything in between. The SPS-1000 is an absolute must-have device in any meeting room.

The SPS-1000 offers a local HDMI output and a remote output to transmit the A/V signal up to 325 feet from the presentation switcher over one Cat5e/6/7 cable with a compact receiver unit delivering HDMI output at the end point. Thanks to RS-232, Ethernet and IR remote functionality, it’s easy to operate the switch from across the meeting room or across the globe.

With full scaling capabilities, the SPS-1000 helps make every signal look its best on HDMI displays. The device also offers scaling bypass to support 4K Ultra HD content, making this powerful-yet-user-friendly presentation switcher compatible with increasingly popular 4K content and screens.


  • Eight video inputs, including four HDMI inputs, two VGA inputs, one DVI input and one RCA input
  • One local HDMI output, with one local SPDIF digital coaxial audio output and one local RCA stereo audio output
  • Up to 325 feet of signal extension over Cat5e/6/7 cables with receiver unit using HDBaseT technology with POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Scales output resolutions up to 1080p
  • Two HDMI ports with bypass support 4K Ultra HD input and output
  • Supports control via: RS-232, IR remote, front-panel buttons, and TCP/IP
  • HDCP Compliant

To learn more, visit the SPS-1000 product page at SmartAVI!

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