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KVM and AV Routing via New Fiber Optic Matrix Switches

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mainFor the best in protected KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) operation and HD AV signal routing up to 30 miles from point to point, there is no better solution on the market today than the newly released FXCore-Pro and FXCore-AV fiber optic matrix switches from SmartAVI. Each matrix features a configuration of 8×8 (eight fiber inputs and eight fiber outputs) with the security of anti-hacking security protocols and resistance to interference, grounding and atmospheric issues.

The FXCore-Pro delivers quick and easy KVM switching and operation. With advanced OSD (On Screen Display) functionality, users can switch their control over eight connected PCs effectively and effortlessly, as well as broadcast from one computer to another.

The FXCore-AV enables users to route high-definition DVI video and audio across vast distances. Thanks to fiber optic connections, there’s no more reliable way to route uncompressed AV signals.

FXCore Fiber Optic Matrix Series Features:

  • 8×8 configuration (8 inputs and 8 outputs), 16×16 coming soon
  • Device-to-matrix routing distance of 15 miles in singlemode, 30 miles from device to device
  • Device-to-matrix routing distance of 1,500 feet in multimode, 3,000 feet from device to device
  • Supports uncompressed DVI-D video, stereo audio and RS-232 control
  • Fiber optic plug type LC

For more information, click here!

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