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New 4K HDMI Matrix with Remote Control

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4K Matrix: HDMI 4X2-ProOne of the biggest issues with all the new 4K technology that’s coming on the market today is how users are going to properly distribute that 4K content to their incredible high-resolution 4K Ultra HD screens. At SmartAVI, we are continuing to develop our line of 4K/2K products so that systems architects and end users can get the most out of this exciting technology.

For example, SmartAVI released the HDR 4×2-Pro this month, a 4K-ready HDMI switch with four outputs and two inputs. This new box makes it easy to switch the four 4K input sources to any of the connected 4K screens. In addition to Ultra HD, this new device also can handle regular HD sources in 108op.

One key feature for the HDR 4×2-Pro is the included infrared remote. This makes it easier than ever to switch sources on the fly. Here’s a look at some of the features this unit provides:

  • Supports 4K/2K HDMI Input and Output
  • Distributes any of the Four HDMI Inputs to either of the Two HDMI Outputs
  • Includes Infrared Remote
  • Plug-and-Play Ready
  • HDCP and HDMI 1.4 Compliant

Stop by the SmartAVI website to check out all of our quality HD and 4K Ultra HD products!

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