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New Switches From SmartAVI

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New Plug-and-Play Switches by SmartAVISmartAVI is continually innovating to deliver the latest in professional A/V solutions at low prices. Today, we’re pleased to announce two new and aggressively-priced products: the HDR 4×2-Pro, an HDMI matrix switch with support for stunning 4K/2K resolution, and the SKM-04, a 4-port KM (keyboard and mouse) switch.

These new plug-and-play switches are easy to implement, and they require no additional computers or software. These products make it easy to manage a wide variety of functions. See below for the features and pricing of each device.

HDR 4×2-Pro Features:

  • Supports 4K/2K HDMI Input and Output
  • Distributes any of the Four HDMI Inputs to any of the Two HDMI Outputs
  • Includes Infrared Remote
  • Plug-and-Play Ready
  • HDCP and HDMI 1.4 Compliant

At only $299, this 4K/2K matrix delivers the best in video quality and overall value. For more information, Click Here!

SKM-04 Features:

  • Manage Keyboard and Mouse Functions on Four Computers from a Single Workstation
  • Dedicated Processors for Emulation
  • USB Port Protections
  • Front Panel Switching
  • Stereo Audio Output

For just $429, this KM switch offers crucial functionality at a low price. For more information, Click Here!


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