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HSA-100 HDMI Audio Converter

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Use Your Surround Sound Home Theater Equipment with Your HDMI Sources with SmartAVI’s Newest Converter, the HSA-100

HDMI sources combine the audio and video signals into one cable, the HSA-100 separates the audio signal so you can use your own audio output devices rather than the display.

Now you can use your surround sound home theater system with your HDMI output devices such as Blu-Ray players, HD DVD players and more. An HDMI cable carries the video and the audio in one signal. However, many TVs, displays and projectors have poor quality sound or no sound at all. With SmartAVI’s HSA-100 HDMI Separator you can separate your audio signal from the HDMI and send it to external speakers, an audio receiver without digital inputs, or amplifier without digital inputs etc.

The HSA-100 supports digital optical or analog L/R audio with all audio formats including 5.1/7.1 Surround. It has HDMI output for pass through to the display device and is fully HDCP compliant.

For more information about the HSA-100, please visit:


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